Summer Hair: Ponies, Braids, and More with a Topsy Tail

I get lots of complements on my hair styles during the summer because I try to go for more than just a pony tail or bun to stay cool.  One tool I love to use is the Conair Topsy Tail, below is a video showing how to use the 3-piece Topsy Tail kit.  There are copies of the tool out there, I do not recommend those as the rubber-band type break easily and the stiff version are really hard to pull thru your hair so you can end up with a lopsided look.

After you make the basic topsy pony tail, you can wear it natural; straighten it for a thinner tail; fancy it up by using a curling iron to make the tail a large ringlet; or use electric curlers to make 3-5 smaller ringlets.  You can also make the pony into a standard 3-stand braid or mock braid by spacing rubber bands every 1-2 inches down the pony. You can then put a pretty pony tail bob or hair clip or big at the end of the braid.  If you use a hair clip, first put a rubber band at the end and then weave the back of clip into hair above the rubber band.  Otherwise, the hair clip may fall off and get lost. 

Another cute look is braids with ribbons running through them.  The standard way is to put a rubber band at top of braid and then place the two ends over 2 of the 3 hair stands so that you weave the color down and through the braid – then wrap the ribbon around bottom rubber band and tie into small bow.

Another thing I discovered is you can repeat the Topsy process multiple times to create a horizontal mock French twist (standard version is vertical).  Once you have only a tiny bit of hair left, you tuck it in and then use spin pins and hair spray to secure it in place. 

To read tips for other ways I do my hair in the summer, visit video posts on Buns with Goody Spin Pins and Tools for Up Do’s.  Other spring/summer decorative hair options can be found in post on Accessories for Bundling Hair.  Any season styles can be found on Bouffants with Bump Its.

If you want more braid styles, check out how to make a messy mock French braid (and other ideas at end of linked article) using instructions in additional video at  Or for really long hair, do a video search for other pull through braid styles.

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