Bump Up the Hair – Jersey Style Bouffants

I always liked the elegant bouffant hairdos, yet never did them for myself because I do not like having my hair teased and am sensitive to aerosol sprays.  I have often thought about trying a Bumpit, but thought the price was not right for that tiny piece of plastic.  The other day I was perusing the 99 cent store and saw the 3-piece Bumpits set there so I figured why not test it out.  I bought the set that matched my hair color and tried out the medium size.  It worked fine with mousse instead of hair spray.  My first thought when I looked at the completed hairstyle in the mirror was maybe it was a little too 60’s circa Annette Funicello, but it was still cute.  Once I added my form-fitting dress, chunky necklace, and big earring – I decided I looked more modern:  sorta laid-back Jersey Girl. The Bumpit did give me a fuller, thicker hairstyle, so I plan to try other styles later.  If you are curious about the Bumpit, check out the 5-minute “how-to” video from when they were the “new thing” and cost way more than I paid!

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