Organic Gemstones or Shell Artifacts? Ammonite and Ammolite

Laba Laba with Shiva Eye Shell
I like to wear shell, abalone, coral and pearl jewelry in the summer.  It just makes me think beach and it feels cool on the skin.  I also like things that are different that no one else may have.  So when I found out about the other organic gems besides those (and amber which is ancient tree resin), I wanted to learn more.  Below is something old that is relatively new in jewelry. 

Organic gems are those that came from a living creature rather than mineral composites. Ammonite and ammolite are true organics as well as artifacts as they come from fossilized shelled creatures.  Most ammolite gemstones come from Canada and are basically thin slices of ammonite placed between 2 pieces of quartz or other stone to make a gem that mimics black opal or a very colorful paua.  The purpose of the quartz is to protect the delicate slice of ammolite.

For those that like unusual shell jewelry, the ammonite itself makes a unique conversation piece.  As jewelry - ammonite can be bought in rings, bracelets, and necklaces that feature a whole shell or a sliced half.  It is often found in Artisaon-crafted pieces.  Sometimes it is filled with a resin to strengthen the piece or to add color, especially when the inside of the half is to be the displayed portion.  If this sounds fun, look for both a good-looking and reasonably priced piece to add to your shell jewelry collection.  Another conversational item you can share about this if you get a piece is that ammonites may also be referred to as snakestone.  They also come in different colors and sizes depending upon which country they come from.  So if you buy one, ask where it came from to give you more to talk about.

What else can you learn about these ancient creatures?  If you find this an interesting ornamental or historical item too, please do your own web searches.  Then let me know if you found anything interesting on ammonite or ammolite in the comments on this post.  Thanks!

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