Three Poetry Books On Love and Loss

To My Love

This month, I published the 3 books of poems noted in this post.  I do not plan to market them as much as my other books.  So this blog and Amazon may be the only places you can read about their release.  These books are mainly about loving and being loved.  To My Love contains all love poems; there are 65 poems in it.  Of Love Lost contains 60 poems of emotions and thoughts around breaking up and losing love.  The third book of 65 poems, Love and Loneliness is 2/3 love poems and 1/3 poems regarding being alone/lonely.
Of Love Lost

The 2 questions I get asked about most about my poetry writing are:
  • How long have you been writing poems?  The earliest date I have found on one of my poems was from 1970, so I know I have been doing it that long. (Yes that was a few decades ago!)
  • How many poems have you written?  I’m not sure as I have given some away without making copies and have tossed out some that I thought were bad.  However, in looking through my files of the poems I have kept, I found enough that I could create over 5 books of around 60-65 poems each. 
Love and

As you can see from the 2nd question above, I will be putting together more poetry books later on.  These future books will be on miscellaneous topics.  When those are ready, I will put a similar announcement post on this blog.  If you like poetry, keep an eye on this blog or do a search on Amazon for “Poems by Shirley Fine Lee.”

I NEED YOUR HELP!  #1 - I need reviews on Amazon.

#2 - I need help promoting on social media, see image you may use if desired.  
#3 - I need to put some of the poem titles in the descriptions for the books above on Amazon.  If you read the book, please let me know in the comments of this blog post which poem you liked the most.  After that I can figure out the top 5-10 poems for each book to add to the description.  Thanks in advance for your willingness to help out!

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