About Blog

This blog is a place where I will occasionally add my personal comments on fashion or possibly share style hints.  It may also include shopping stories, photos, and links.  If you have some links to share, then please send them to me to consider.  If you have a story that relates to a blog post, feel free to add it as a comment on the blog.  Please note that comments are moderated to prevent abuse and also so my readers do not have to experience foul language.

So why did I name this blog what I did?  This bog will also include tips on getting organized.  I love finding ways to display my stuff or better ideas for storing or organizing it.  I am also big on the ecology with the $avings R’s:  reduce, re-use, re-purpose, resale, and recycle.  Thus, the “Org This” name was born.  I am always thinking of creative ideas but did not have an easy outlet for sharing.  Here is where I plan to share – not everyday but whenever the mood or inspiration strikes.  If you like to do the same sort of thing, then join me as I rave about what I like and rant about things I do not on this blog.  Feel free to add comments and share the blog with your friends.

Started in 2011, just for fun.  Thanks for stopping by! - Shirley Fine Lee