Gem and Jewelry Show Two

Assorted Beads Strands
Last year, I let you all know about the AKS Gem Show in blog post Gem Shows or Bead Stringing Heaven.  They hold the event quarterly. I myself have only gone twice.  Anyway, I thought I would
provide some updates on what was different this time.  The most noticeable thing was less vendors so more room to walk between booths.  I’m thinking that is due to them having the winter event during an ice storm so some vendors could not make it and most customers did not venturing out.  Then the spring event was moved due to some problem with the facilities that they did not explain.  I expect that cost the vendors in travel and other losses.  Hopefully the vendors who did come made some money, so more will come back next year.  Customers who registered and paid in advance for the winter event got to come to the spring or summer event for free, so they lost nothing.

Last year, I was shocked at how little turquoise they had and how few peacock or black pearls were at the show.  This time you could find peacock or blank pearls at almost every booth.  Do you think they read my post or was the pearl harvest better in 2015?  I also saw more of the big pearls, blister pearls, Keisha’s, as well as other shapes and lots of colors.    As far as turquoise goes, there were more options that included Chinese turquoise as well as many natural and died stones in turquoise, teal, and aqua colors.  There was also a whole booth of Cloisonn√© options.  I only remember seeing a few beads of that last year.

I saw lots more pendants and drilled beads to turn into pendants this time - add a chain, leather braid, or neck-wire (there were lots of these too) and your done making jewelry! I picked up 3 pendants myself.  I love carved stuff since I’m not that artistic so I always look for that at a reasonable price  I thought I found more carvings this time, but it might be I just noticed it more because I was not bumping into people in the too-small aisles like last year. 

Plus it seemed there was a finished jewelry booth for every 4 bead booths.  This meant there was more jewelry already designed and made by the seller for buyers to pick up, copy from, or get inspired by.  So it was just as much a jewelry show as a bead show.

For jewelry making tips or to see some of my creations, review post Jewelry Creation and Repair Tips and Images and the many links there.

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