Girls can not have too many pearls

Jewelry box filled with pearls.
It is pearl month as that is the birthstone for June.  The other day I was shopping with my husband and he said “Look at this neat color of pearls.  Have you ever seen that color before?”  The color was a rich cranberry and my answer was yes.  Color is big in pearl fashion right now so I checked the department store price to se if it was worth adding to my wardrobe.  No, I would not pay that price for dyed freshwater pearls and moved on.  However, I did think it funny that my spouse pointed out the pearls since he had commented the week before, when I was looking at a long strand of black pearls, “Don’t you have enough pearls already?”  My reply was the standard “A girl can’t have too many pearls.”  Whether it is around the neck, wrist, or finger – the pearl is always in style!

I believe that to be true as I agree with the Kyoko Fukada quote "Wearing pearls gives me an air of refinement.”  The College Lifestyles blog even recommends pearls as a classic wardrobe essential.  Besides the classic look of pearl necklaces, they are now fashionable in varying rope lengths (see next post based on Chanel's ropes quote), colors (both natural and dyed) and treatments.  There are so many pearls types, shapes, and sizes to choose from too.  Strands can be found knotted (click here to see how to video post) or unknotted at various costs: fashion (a.k.a. faux, fake, simulated, cheap?), “real” in bridge which may include some freshwater types, or gem-quality pearls with are expensive when bought at a jewelry store. 

You can find a variety of faux pearls at Charming Charlie, Sam Moon, Claire’s, and most department stores in the fashion jewelry section.  If you want authentic pearls, check these sites out for best prices as internet/phone order options: Jewelry Television based in TN and Liquidation Channel based in TX.  If going with a traditional jewelry store, get educated before you buy by checking out the links in paragraph above.  You might also want to review this video with Tips for Buying Pearls at

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