Knotting pearls for safety

I love to wear pearls: faux, mother-of, tin cup, freshwater - it does not matter.    However, with my long hair I do find it easier to wear pearls that are knotted.  When I wear unknotted pearls, I find that I must wear my hair up.  Otherwise it gets caught between pearls and gets pulled on as I move my head.  So I decided I had to find out how to knot pearls.  Another great feature of knotting, is security because if the strand gets broken you are not scrambling to pick-up pearls since only 1 would fall off.  Below is a good video I found on YouTube for how to knot pearls and beads. It could be time consuming but seems pretty easy to do.

If you plan to get into making your own jewelry, check out the neat tool that offers called Beadalon Knotter Tool. It should make the job faster. They have a video on the site that shows how to use the tool, but there is no audio with their video.  Watch for my next post on pearls as fashion accessories. 

If it does not show up as an optional video to view above, learn how to attach the clasp at

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