Brooch bouquet for wedding or display

I was just perusing the vintage jewelry at a local thrift store when another lady shared an amazing idea with me.  Her daughter was planning a wedding and wanted her to start gathering bling for a brooch bouquet for her to carry.  The basis of the bouquet would be a few of her grandmother’s favorite brooches with other vintage or rhinestone pins, beads, and clip earrings. As I was trying to find a unique way to store and display my own fashion pins so they would not be scrambled together or forgotten.  Especially the ones that my aunts gave to me of my grandmother’s and the Sarah Coventry (which was my Mom’s favorite fashion jewelry) that I would like to start collecting. 

Assorted flower pins/brooches.
I was so fascinated by the idea, when I went home I did a search for “Brooch Bouquet” on the internet to find out more about them and how to make them. 
I found a site that claimed to be the Original Creator of the Vintage Brooch Bouquets idea with lots of photos for inspiration.  I also find 2 different methods for building the bouquet on blogs.  If you like the photos then check out the instructions for building with silk flowers on Pre-owned Wedding Dresses blog or using foam tubes on the Offbeat Bride blog.

I think this idea is cool to display the brooches if you do not wear them often.  If you like to wear your pins on a lapel everyday; or use them often in unusual ways like in your hair or pinned onto a hat or purse - then you will need to join me in my search for a different method.  Keep coming back to this blog as I will write about once I find it.  It may even be a revised version of the bouquet idea with an easy remove/reinstall wiring option…


Rachel Tamez said...

Hi Shirley-
It was nice to run into today @ the thrift store, again. How nice that I sparked a creative spark/interest in you.
I will save your blog to my favorites.


Shirley Fine Lee (aka Meeting Wizard) said...

Thanks for sharing the idea with me. Please let me know what you think of my new posts when you get time to check them out.