Another hair option, Goody spin pin

I gave some ideas on bundling the hair bun for a dressy look in my last post.  Here is another idea that sounds pretty good if you want to go with the natural look.  The pins it talks about are not as cheap as bobby pins or old fashioned hair pins which are used with hair nets, but they can be found at most drug and department stores that sell Goody hair accessories.  I have not yet tried the new spin pins for making buns (twisted pins that look like springs – see Goody Spin Pin Review and Tutorial video below).  These pins are supposed to take the place of multiple bobby pins, and they really work!  I love mine.

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Shirley Fine Lee (aka Meeting Wizard) said...

FYI: I found them for less than 1/2 price - so I bought a pair. They work well for a loose-look bun. If you want a really tight bun (like a ballerina would have when dancing), you have to use more than 2.