A Poem Asking America to Be the United States Again

Due to the recent voting protests in our country, I got to thinking about the unnecessary whining and wrote a poem that hopefully will be re-uniting.  Sometimes I think people forget that democracy means will of the majority.  The election is over - everyone voted and every vote was counted.  It is now time to get on with life and accept the transition.

In case someone does not remember the words to our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, or Constitution, I looked up links. For unification, is it time to pull out our flag pins again?

Please check it out the poem below and let me know what you think in comments added to this post.

America, Be The United States
by Shirley Fine Lee, copyright 11/11/2016

America, be who you really are
Show the world proof that your flag is still waving
And that your interest in grace is unchanging.

America, be who you should be
Pledge your allegiance to the country’s flag
Standing respectively with hand over heart to brag.

America, be a great nation again
As the land housing the freest of mortals
And the home of the bravest with unfailing morals.

America, be who you would be
By holding fast to words of the U.S. Constitution
And confirming this is still a great institution.

America, be a united people
Understanding that you are an indivisible nation
Connected via the liberty and justice for all causation.

America, be who you could be
Because your vote counts before the dawning light.
You decide what twilight falls on your inalienable rights.

America, be the United States!

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