Bundling the hair bun

During the summer, I like to wear my hair up to keep cooler in the 100 degree southern heat.  A pony tail or a twist and flip with a butterfly/claw clip sometimes works for a casual look.  But if I want a dressier cool look, I go for making the ponytail into a bun at the back of my head or on top.  It can be frustrating to have to put in all those bobby pins and still have flyaway hairs, especially if you do not like to use hairspray.  Making the pony tail into a braid and then twisting into a bun with end tuck deep inside prevents some flyaway, but you still have to use a lot of pins to hold it in place. The only advantage I see to using bobby pins for a bun is I can use them for other hair styling and they can be found at most drug stores.  Of course, you can use lots of fancy hair pins or decorated bobby pins with jewels glued to their curved end but too many with lots of variation (since they usually come in single or pairs) can be too much.

Assorted bun clips, cages, and snoods.
Instead, I find that you can use bun nets, bun wrapsor chignon covers to dress up the bun and hold it in place with fewer pins.  I have been frustrated in trying to find these at stores lately, so I decided look on-line.  To my shock, these are considered dance accessories for ballerinas.  Now I know where to look in the future.  Before, I always found them on clearance with other fashion accessories so there were not a lot of choices.  My internet search even found crochet instructions for different versions to make my own in assorted colors!

What I really love to use that looks super dressy and gets me lots of compliments is the snood.  This is a way to skip using any pins on the bun because you only make the pony tail.  First make your pony tail, next put the snood clip (which is under flowers or a bow) above the pony tail band, and finally roll the pony tail in your hand to tuck it into the net or lace bag that hangs from the clip.  Fast, simple, and very cute!  Don’t try using the clip to hold the pony; it will not keep it tight enough to look properly coifed.  These are harder to find, but well worth the search!  This is the bun-type of snood, not the 30’s or cafeteria lady look, although those can look good on the right face and hair length… 

Another easy idea for thinner or straighter hair, is to wrap the pony tail into a bun and then use an octopus clip to hold it in place without pins for a casual-dressy look. 

Besides the hyperlinks above, another website I found with cool hair stuff to use for purpose other than buns, included flowers and fascinators (those micro-hats made popular again by an English royalty wedding).  Frustration Warning!  Please note before clicking to the site that it was not well designed.  It is primarily a mass-order catalog store for retailers, so visit it for just-for-fun or if you have a shop or on-line business.  Start with to the categories in the left menu and rest your mouse on the desired one.  Then a photo of some of the related items will pop up.  Once you see the photo, you can click on the option to go to a full screen of multiple selections, otherwise it seems to die when trying to load the full page. 

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