A Pearl Girl knows if it is real

Faux vs Real Pearls
In my previous pearl post, you learned the different types of pearls and how to buy.  Now you want to know for sure if what you are buying is real or fake.  The easiest way is the price if it is really cheap, then it is most likely fake.  However, some designer fashion pearls strands using faux cost almost as much as true freshwater pearls from an internet sellers, clearance sites, and others mentioned in different pearl post links.  Of course, you can tell an inexpensive plastic strand by the straight string between the beads rather than a knot. (Caution: the pearl finish will eventually fall of plastic leaving a dull rather ugly bead.)  But what if there are no knots or the faux set is knotted to look more high-end? (See why knot video post.)

Consistency in shape and is often an indicator of fake verse real.  Recently, I heard that you can use your teeth to see if the pearls are real or not.  Do so by dragging the pearls against the front teeth to see if they feel rough or smooth.  I tried this at home but did not feel anything gritty.  However, the real set seemed to drag more and the faux set seemed to glide quickly and smoothly across the teeth.  I would not recommend doing the teeth test in a store, it will not only gross out the buyers and sellers – if may also get someone upset enough that security gets called and you are dragged out of the store.  (Not speaking from experience, just guessing here.)  Below is a “How to tell if a Pearl is Real” video with some other suggestions you might consider while in the store.  Remember to save the teeth test for at home before the return date is passed.

Be on the lookout for the almost real pearl made from crushed mother of pearl from the shells that grew pearls.   The only way to know here is to ask the vendor.  If you want to read tips, check out Antique Jewelry Investor’s article “Is it a Pearl Imitation?  If you want more ideas, check out the “How to Tell if a Pearl is Fake” video.  Please note Metacafe.com showing this pearl expert may force you to watch 1 to 2 commercials first.  Next, check out my post on different ways to wear pearls.


Penny said...

This is very interesting! I am going to practice so I can hopefully tell the difference when I need to!

Shirley Fine Lee (aka Meeting Wizard) said...

Glad you found the info helpful. Let me know if you find any other methods for testing pearls or verifying other gems.