The God Bless Girl, In God We Trust

The God Bless Girl book
The God Bless Girl
I want to introduce a new fiction book with a Christian perspective on changes in America. Below is a summary of the book. Kindle Short Read (30 minutes of less). Available in paperback for less than $6 or ebook for only 99¢ - buy it soon!  

"A desire for the United States of America to be a God blessed nation, not a godless one." - quote from 2nd chapter of book

The GodBless Girl (by Shirley Fine Lee) is a story based on a few days in the life of a young grocery store clerk named Sarah.  The story unfolds through conversations with her boss and the store’s customers.  In these conversations, Sarah and others discuss: American history, the three branches of U.S. government, faith based symbols, prayer in schools, and religious tolerance.  They express their fears of current and coming changes in America that may hinder freedom of religion and speech for its citizens.

A few of the ideas presented in the chapters of The God Bless Girl:

The Lady Wears A Cross
-  Displaying a cross
-  Saying "God Bless You"
A Soldier Comes Home
-  Supporting the military
-  Keeping"In God We Trust
The Family Entertains
-  Desiring family-oriented movies
-  Finding other ways to have fun
A Mother Offers Prayer
-  Supporting prayer at the pole
-  Dissuading no prayer in schools
The Rabbi Buys Kosher
-  Accepting others
-  Learning religious tolerance

You can read, download, print, and share: flyer, slide, PR, and more on book webpage.
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