The God Bless Girl Goes To Print!

The God Bless Girl Book
The God Bless Girl

Many people have requested that I publish The God Bless Girl e-book version in print. So everybody with me now - Jump for Joy!  The paperback version of The God Bless Girl is now available!

A few people have asked me how I got the idea for this book.  Actually, I wrote, edited, and formatted the text, but I am not sure I can say it was all my idea.   I think God gave me book as a message to Christians in America before it is too late.

“…ignorance births intolerance, intolerance leads to bigotry, and bigotry breeds hate.”  - quote from 5th chapter of book

Each chapter in the book came to me in different nightly dreams when I was recovering from back surgery in 2015.  When I re-dreamed the first chapter and then another one, I decided it must be God trying to tell me something.  As I lay awake in bed, I prayed about it and then felt I was supposed to write the stories down.  I could not sit up to write or type, so I had my laptop placed on my stomach in order to make notes of key things I could remember from the different dreams.  Just doing that wore me out! 

After I recovered enough from surgery to sit in a chair at my desk for a long period of time, I was able to work on my laptop some each day.  I reviewed the typed notes, prayed some more, and begin writing a chapter a day.  I was amazed how quickly and vividly God brought the images and words back to me.  Once I had the draft of the book written, I asked a few people to read it over to make sure it flowed well, was easy-to-read and understand, and that religious references from various backgrounds were accurate.  That led to several days to do the final steps of:  minor edits, grammar rechecks, formatting, and multiple uploads/reviews of the e-book to get it right.  Of course, all of those final four steps had to be repeated for a print version (which took 2 days this time). 

“…anyone that uses profanity as an adjective is showing their lack of vocabulary…” - quote from 3rd chapter of book

Note to potential readers and buyers please understand that the paperback book costs more on Amazon than the e-book because it costs more to print and mail paperback books than it does for digital delivery. I get   very little from the book sales.  Since I feel this was a message from God to Americans, I plan to give any profits from book sales to Christian ministries.  The book is out there so that the words I was given in my dreams can be shared with anyone.  Please buy a copy for yourself and also share the book with others (buying 5 copies or bundling with other books can get you free shipping).

Visit The Good Bless Girl book webpage to download, print, and share: flyer, slide, and images for social media.  To quickly view and buy, go to Amazon.  You may also want to follow @TheGodBlessGirl on Twitter or check out the inspirational blog.

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