Jewelry Creation and Repair Tips and Images

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Since I did my blog posts about Gem Shows or Bead Stringing Heaven and Collecting Varieties of Jasper as well as Beads and Beading are the IN Things to do, I have had some readers ask me about the items I have made. If the item required full design, I posted the new creation on Facebook as they were finished.   If they were just a focal bead and all I did was add a bale, I did not post them since they did not require additional creativity on my part.   I realized that only my family and a few friends could see those posting, so I put them on my Pinterest for more people to view.  If you want to see these creations, please go there.
As far as how to create these items or repair items I already had, I found some good how to videos which I referenced and added to this blog some time ago.  Go to these posts to view stringing videos:  How to Repair or Make a Stretch Bracelet and Knotting Pearls for Safety.  Not every clasp in my creations was done in the same way; I experimented to find what I liked best. There is a link in bottom of knotting pearls post on how to add clasps for string beading.  For wire beading, check the two videos in last post How to Attach Clasps to Jewelry Creations or Replace if Beads Break near Clasp

It you really like jewelry, but prefer to buy rather than make – check out my posts for holiday gifts, birthday presents, or anniversary options.   If you want options for making your current jewelry work differently, check out my post Tips for Stretching your Jewelry Wardrobe.

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