How to Attach Clasps to Jewelry Creations or Replace if Beads Break near Clasp

When I made my jewelry in Beads and Beading are the IN Things to do post, I had gone to a class and the instructor sold me some nifty screw-together instant crimpers/closures for finishing the wire at the clasps.  The store no longer sells these closures and I do not know what they were called so I have not found them on-line either.  Therefore, I needed alternate ways to attach my claps. I went back to Michaels when they had an “expert jewelry maker” Q&A session to learn different ways to put on clasps from what I learn originally in beading class.  She showed me a few things and then suggested I search YouTube for helpful how to videos as refreshers.  

If you have old beads that broke, like in my beading post above, you will have to re-string them and then use one of these methods to reattach old clasps or add new ones if the clasp broke or got lost.

Below are 2 good videos I found there.  The first one is about 3 minutes on using crimping beads or tubes, which are extra findings you will need to purchase and may require special jewelry crimp tool.  The second is over 1 minute and requires no extra findings as it is doing wire wrapping on end or necklace or bracelet.   Both methods can also be used for attaching dangles made on head pins to earring hooks.

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