Six Hair Tools into Four Easy Up Do Styles

In almost 9 minutes of video below, these 2 ladies share 6 tools to build 4 different ways to make a bun from big and loose to tiny and tight. 

To make it easy for you to find the tools they use that you want to check out, here are links to these tools, which I have also seen in some drugstores: magic hair donut and long magic hair bun sponge.  I covered the standard “Spin Pin” and plastic “BumpIts” tools in other posts.   However, now I want to try out the velcro “Bump It Up” pieces too.  I will end their list with the two hairpieces for extended bangs and the drawstring big bun that they started with.  You may also want to check out my posts on ballerina hair accessories which gives the impressions of a decorative chignon with very little work. Please note, if you want to try everything in the video, including a “Topsy Tail” tool, save some time and money by checking out this full accessory kit.

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