Do you have a ME month?

What is a ME month? It is a month where you take care of things for yourself by organizing what is important.  Do not think “oh, you mean New Year resolutions” or family commitments.  Instead think “What must I do for me and what would I like to do” - it should be individual and personal. 
Birthday Cake

Here are a few ideas to get you started for your own ME month:

  • Plan a long, fancy lunch with a friend you miss
  • Get your yearly physical and/or mammogram
  • Have a spa day and pamper yourself
  • Get a dental cleaning and keep those choppers working
  • Buy a new outfit for an upcoming celebration
  • Get an eye exam and buy new glasses/contacts
  • Sign-up for a makeover or get a mani-pedi
  • Get necessary vaccinations out of the way
  • Plan that trip you always wanted for next year’s ME month
  • Get brave and do that thing you keep putting off

What other suggestions do you have for ME month?  Please share with us via comments.

I can’t take credit for this great organizing idea.  I actually heard a busy celebrity mom say this is what she does once a year to “take time to take care of herself.”  To keep it easy to remember, she uses the month of her birthday.  So I am trying it out this year during my birthday month.

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