Am I too old for ear piercing?

I watched Oprah get her ears pierced for her 51sth birthday.  My aunt got hers pierced before her 70th birthday.  So why have I been waiting so long?  I checked the internet for local places that pierce ears and their costs.  Most do the ear piercing free if you buy you first pair of earrings and/or a piercing kit with cleaning solution from them.

I was in one of the stores today and went over to get a look at what the earrings looked like for real.  The girl behind the counter was very nice and offered to do it right then and there.  I decided, why wait? Just do it before you chicken out again!  The girl asked if my ears had been pierced before and just grew together or were torn.  I said no, I just have earlobe creases (not repaired torn piercings or wrinkles due to aging). 
Note:  Earlobe creases may be a sign of dehydration – so drink more water.  Some say these creases could be an early-warning sign of heart problems - so if you have weird ear lope wrinkles you might want to consult a doctor.

Pierced Ear
Anyway, she put dots on my ears and had me check them to make sure they looked even.  Then she told me I would feel a slight pinch when she shot my selected earrings in using her piercing gun.  I did not react as bad as Oprah, but I agree that was no pinch!  It was worse than getting a shot!  The first ear felt like 3 fat needles poking through me.  The 2nd ear went better.  She offered that perhaps one of my lobes was fatter than the other.  Except for 6 weeks of turning and cleaning, it is done.  I guess I will see how well I do at trying to poke earing studs through that tiny hole next month.
How about you?  Did you have a good experience getting your ears pierced? If you are an earring hound, where do you best love to buy your earrings? 

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Amanda said...

I got my first when I was four, and it was horrible!

Back story: My mom tasked my babysitter with taking me for a haircut. It was supposed to be a trim, but instead, the hairdresser lopped off my beautiful curls into a pixie cut. Even at four, I was vain and cried my eyes out the rest of the day—I swore I looked like a boy.

To make me feel better, my mom took me out to get my ears pierced. I went to a jewelry place in the mall, but they only did one ear at a time (not like the double guns they use nowadays). First ear was my left—and I screamed bloody murder. The jeweler said to me, "Do you want to look like a boy?" which sent me into a further tizzy given my haircut.

I finally settled down enough to get the right ear pierced, but I certainly won't forget it.