Save Time and Dollars with Contractor Checklist

TAPP Time Management Book

The 3.5 minute video below explains how a contractor can use a checklist to give potential customers a better more accurate bid while saving both of them time.  Good idea! 

If you are considering having a contractor do some work for you, you might want to make your own checklist.  Start planning at least a week in advance of meeting with the contractor by writing down every question you can think of that you want to ask.  Then as you think of new questions or find ideas you want to consider during personal research, you can add it to the list.  Also, while going over the list with the contractor, note any terms they use that you do not understand.  when they finish their sale pitch, ask them to explain the terms you do not understand.  After they leave, look those terms up on the internet to be sure you fully understand what they mean in case you need to do follow-up.  Knowing as much as possible before work starts will save you time, not waste  their time, and end up costing you more of your money!

An example of a contractor term is "zones" when installing a automatic watering system.  If you do not have enough zones and sprinkler heads or drip system controls for the size of your property, then everything may not get watered appropriately.

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