Radiant Ruby for July Joy or Very Valentines?

Ruby Gemstone- Heart Cut
The luscious red Ruby is a sister stone to Sapphire (both are corundums) and it is the birthstone for July.  Rubies range from cloudy to clear and come in various shades of red, although the brighter color is what most people think of.  Besides color, the clarity, size, and cut (or faceting) of the stone can affect the stone’s value.

The ruby is also known as the passion stone, which may account for its popularity for Valentine’s gifts in addition to highly sought Christmas and July birthdays.  Ruby is also the anniversary stone for 15 years.  Rubies are one of the most popular expensive stones for jewelry, along with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Rings, pendants, and bracelets can easily be found in most jewelry stores, department stores, and on-line shopping sites.

The most sought after rubies come from Burma, but those are currently boycotted for USA.  Many other rubies are being discovered, most require fissure filling to prevent bubbles within the stone from causing it to crack.  These are less valuable, but some are just as pretty as the Burma stones.  For the most transparent of rubies, you typically have pay a lot or go for lab-grown version.  Lab growth usually prevents fissures and is can be about the same price as natural rubies.  The other alternative is simulants or colored crystals, which should be cheaper in price because they are fake versions.

Looking for a unique ruby?  Many have heard of star sapphires, but occasionally the ruby sister stone also is found with asterism.  Ruby can also grow with other minerals to create a variety of stones with ruby in the name.  However, not every stone that is titled ruby is really a ruby, be aware of the varieties and possible frauds if you are looking for a variation to add to a ruby collection or prefer unique items verses standard faceted stones.

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