Absolutely Diamonds for April Gals

Everyone believes the song that says “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, at least in the world of jewelry.  A true BFF responds with more than a sparkle when you talk to them.  For women born in April, diamonds are even truer as favorites since it is their birthstone.  This can make other females jealous whose birth gave them semi-precious stones instead of diamonds, and the other precious stones: beryls (emeralds and aquamarines), or corundums (sapphires and rubies). 

Standard white diamonds go with everything.  These add glitter and glam to any outfit from t-shirt and jeans to evening gowns.  However, there are colored diamonds too, which may be matched or contrasted to outfits.  Since colored diamonds are rare, they are referred to as “fancy” in the realm of jewelry.  Natural vibrant colors used to be quite rare and required great wealth to own.  Now with new treatment methods, colored diamonds are more readily available and affordable.  Although, you may have to go through shopping channels on TV or the internet to get colors other than chocolate (made famous by Levian) or black (a.k.a. carbonado).  Many jewelry and department stores only carry the basic white (which is still very popular for engagement rings and cocktail rings) and the newer black. 

If you want diamonds, but find the prices too expensive for everyday wear.  Consider lab or synthetic versions.  Moissanite is an expensive meteor-created diamond known for its extreme sparkle-factor.  Of course there are several synthetic diamond brands (Absolute, Bella Luce, Brilliante, Diamonique, etc.) offered by various shopping channels.  You also still have the option of old-tried and true cubic zirconia, which was modeled after natural zircon and not diamonds. You might find rhinestones, but these are old-style so they are more likely in collectable antique jewelry.  If you want natural stones rather than synthetic, consider less expensive gemstones such as zircon, topaz, or quarts – many of the clear varieties mimic white diamonds, especially when used as accent stones. 
Please note that jewelry labeled with “diamond accents” typically means tiny diamond(s) somewhere on the piece of jewelry.  The definition of diamond accent is jewelry with one or more diamonds which has a combined carat weight of less than one-fourth of a carat. Often the sparkle of a piece of diamond accent jewelry is caused by stippling or beading within the metal on the piece rather than diamonds.  To make diamond jewelry more affordable, consider “diamond chic” instead as it is usually more diamonds set in silver or overlaid with gold instead of the traditional full gold setting.

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