20 Ideas to Quickly Organize Around the Home

Ever want to get organized but don't want to spend a lot getting the equipment or materials to do so?  Well, Yahoo Homes to the rescue with 20 possibly great ideas this week.  If you did not see this on Yahoo newsfeed, then check out the slide show at: http://homes.yahoo.com/photos/20-who-knew-hacks-around-your-home-1372467798-slideshow/20-who-knew-hacks-around-your-home-photo--1921851633.html

I'm pretty sure they are using the word "hack" incorrectly in their slide titles (except maybe where they actually cut-up a bottle).  I think "repurpose" would have been a better term to use.  Anyway, there are some great organizing tips in those 20 slides!  Go see if there is anything you can use.  I especially love the balloons as icepacks idea for summer picnics and parties.

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