Five Pearls and Gemstone Jewelry Sets Combine for Hundreds of Earring Styles

After I got my ears pierced, I needed earrings for the holes.  I have been given gift sets to get me started.  What I found with the sets is I can mix and match to make even more earring combinations to stretch my jewelry wardrobe by using earring jackets or enhancers and  dangles or drops for a variety of styles. Below are some examples of combinations you may want to try.

Cultured FWP with White Topaz Hoop Interchangeable Earring Set is actually more than seven different earrings. Yes you have the hoop you can wear alone or you can wear any of the six shades of freshwater pearls dangling from the hoop.  So we start with seven.  You can also wear more than 1 dangle from the hoop, for instance if you have a tuxedo strand of pearls you might want to make a matching earring by putting white, grey, and black pearls onto the hoop.  You can even put all 6 pearls on the hoop, although that may be a little too much.  Going back to the tuxedo strand, perhaps you want to just wear a stud pearl and then use the strand as a frame for   cluster pearl necklace, Make the necklace by putting 3-6 of the white, grey, and black pearls on a silver chain that will hand inside the strand.  You can of course use the drops on other earring hoops or with studs to create even more earring combinations.  So what is the math for just this set?  7+(6x2)+(6X3)+(6X4)+(6X5)+1 = 92 looks

Examples of Earring Mix & Match
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Cultured Pastel FWP Pearl Stud with Floating Pearl Jackets is a set that promises you 6 looks because you can wear the studs alone or with the matching floating pearl jacket.  But it is actually more than alone because you can mix the colors to match a two-tone or three-tone strand you may have.  For instance you might have a strand that has pink, white, and peach pearls on it, you could use the white stud and hang the peach pearl from it to create a set to almost match the strand. Another optional look for this pearl set is to turn the floating pearl up to climb he ear, where the silver bar is hidden behind the ear, and it will give the impression of a double piercing. And of course, you can also use the studs mixed with the drops above to create more styles or use the floating pearl jackets with other pearl of gemstone studs.  Math for just this set is 6+(2X3)+6+(2X3) = 24 styles

Multi-color Cultured 7-8MM FWP Stud Earrings and Diamond Simulant Jacket Set contains six studs and a pair of jackets that you may or may not choose to wear for an occasion.  So that is a dozen possible looks just for this set.  Now you can combine the five different colored pearl studs from this set with the three floating pearl jackets or combine any of the pearls with the interchangeable pearl drops.  So the combined total looks might be 12+(5X3)+(6X6) = 63 looks

J-Hoop Earring with Interchangeable Gemstone Charms has a small hoop you can wear alone or hang one of the five gemstones charms from it.  So that is 6 ways to wear this set alone.  You can also wear any of the dangle charms from the six different pearl studs in the jacket set above.  So the math would be 6+(5X6) = 36 styles

Diamond and Gemstone Simulant 5MM Stud Earrings can be more than the 12 studs by adding drops or jackets.  For instance, you can use the jackets from the stud pearl set with these to make an additional 12 looks.  Or you can use the three floating pearl colors to make up to 36 new looks.  If you like a little drop from the studs, you can use any one of the interchangeable pearls above for up to 72 looks.  If you use the gemstone drops from the j-hoop set of five, you could make up to 60.
So what is the possible math total if you also own this set?  12+12+36+72+60 = 192 looks

I do not guarantee my math as I am not so good with numbers.  However you should get the overall idea.

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