Amazing Amethyst is a Fabulous February Find

Amethyst Geode
Amethyst is the quartz birthstone for February.  It was once consider the color of royalty and common-folks were not allowed to wear it.  Now it is available to anyone and often at very reasonable prices. It is quite a find in jewelry and is given just as much as red or pink stones for Valentine’s Day. So shop for the look and color you like best at department stores like Kohls, Macys, Penney’s, Sears, or Walmart.  Or if prefer to shop from the couch for higher-end items or unusual settings, you might try HSN, ICE, or JTV.

Most people think of the color purple when looking for this mineral. The best purple stones come from Brazil and Africa, although it is mined in many countries including the U.S.  Amethyst actually comes in color ranges from lavender-rose called pink or “rose de france” to sound fancier for classic jewelry styles to a deep almost grape-color purple which is popular in large-stone cocktail rings.  It is very popular as a vibrant gem in multiple shapes regardless if it is someone’s birthstone.  In the last two years, the newest color rage is the green Amethyst, also known as prasiolite or green quartz. 

If you already are an amethyst collector or a February baby who has their birthstone in green, pink, and shades of purple.  What can you get next to make your collection more unique?  If you like the color yellow, you might consider an Ametrine.  This stone is a rare since it only comes from one place in Bolivia. It also makes a great valentine’s or anniversary (for couple with February and November birthdays) gift because of the romantic legend of its founding.  The stone is a rare phenomenon where amethyst and citrine grow together in the same stone.  The most valuable splits are 50-50 color cut ametrine.  40-60 percent split is more easily found, other splits are considered bad matching because the color difference not being as noticeable.  If you want to buy ametrine, try the home-shopping channels as most stores do not carry it.


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