Five Ways to Dress and Hide Your Belly

More magazine
February 2013 cover
The stylebook section of the February issue of More magazine does another great job of putting together a few dressing tips with some great photos.  Check out their ideas for hiding belly fat 5 different ways:  draped fabric, color blocking (newest trend and my favorite device), structure (skip the peplum though if you also have big hips – it will only make you look even more hippy), proportion, and prints (another great idea – whoever would have thought calling attention to your midsection could actually make it look flatter).

Fortunately, on their on-line site, More magazine offers ideas to actually loss the paunch with belly-flattening food choices.   Plus they have these older articles on additonal Clothing to Hide Belly Fat and 25 Dresses to Hide Belly Fat.

You might also want to check out the slide show article featuing 13 skinny eating habits in The Secrets of Thin People from Real Simple magazine.

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