Traveling with carry-on items

Carry-on or Overnight Bag
Make a checklist of what is necessary for your trip and check it when packing and before leaving. Another thing you should do before leaving for your trip, check with airports and airlines on their security requirements for both checked and carry-on baggage via phone or internet.  You may also want to check how many carry-ons you are allowed and size restrictions, both dimensions and weight.  Confirm any reservations, including airplane and car rental reservations before leaving to destination.  Also for your financial safety during travel, make a list of credit card types, numbers, and expiration date as well as traveler’s check numbers. Then be sure to give a copy of the list to someone who can help with cancellation and replacement if something happens during travel. 

Briefcase/Computer case
For professional travel, a preferred carry-on is your briefcase or laptop computer.  View your briefcase or computer carrying case as a mobile office; keep it as light as possible.  However, get one with expandable sides for the times when needing to carry a lot.  If you are a mobile worker or telecommuter, instead of investing in dual supplies or carrying a lot around, you may want to consider buying a portable office kit that contains scissors, stapler, paper clips, tape, and other office items in miniature form to keep in the case.   Be sure you remove the scissors and put them in your checked luggage before you get stopped at security for trying to carry-on a sharp object.  Also, when traveling, be sure to take an envelope in which to put all expense receipts.  This will keep them from getting lost so completing expense reports later will be easier for you.  You may also want to consider buying a set of plastic folders for use in reviewing papers when on travel since they are sturdier than paper ones. 

Other carry-on items
It is good time management to plan to work during travel time.  However, if you have been really working hard, you may want to accomplish relaxation or personal tasks during your trip.  Put your travel pillow, magazines, novels, or craft items be in light-weight carry-on cases or totes.  Include your contact information on or in the bag just in case you leave it behind.  For other types of travel, a large tote or duffel bag may suffice for carrying creativity or relaxation items on plane.  Keep identification, tickets, itinerary, business cards, planner or PDA, cell phone, contact list, and maps on your person or in your smallest carry-on for quick retrieval. 

Check back next month for a post on checked luggage.

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