Pearls are a Perfect Frame

When I say pearls are a perfect frame, I mean that they are an excellent way to draw attention to a pendant by layering it with the strand of pearls.  I find that a 24-inch or 30-inch strand sets off a large pendant or medallion quite well.  A 60-inch pearl strand doubled as a wider frame can also work.  The pearls should be longer than the pendant so they will draw other’s eyes toward you and then people will notice your pendant. 

This idea is similar to the current fashion of layering of silver or gold chains with pendants.  Using pearls over chains gives you a classier of funkier look depending on the shape and color of the pearls.  Using pearls also offers a variety of choices in soft or bright colors over the traditional metals.

You can get freshwater pearls at great prices in multiple colors around Christmas and Mother’s Day.  Match the color of the pearls with the color of a pendant you have. 

Faux pearls can also make a very nice picture frame, check out Vintage Necklace Frame for a crafty idea to make a unique Christmas, bridal, Mother’s day, or birthday gift.  

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