Cross Jewelry – Gift, Fashion, or Symbol

Silver & Gold
Cross Necklaces
Cross jewelry fluctuates as a fashion statement throughout the seasons and decades.  Big chunky crosses on long chains or chokers are both Goth and Bohemian.   The large ones are worn by women and men.  Now not only are the fashionable stainless steel or brass crosses worn around the neck, they are worn in the ears and around the wrist or ankle.  The newest cross fashion craze include ones that tilt or lay on their side rather than standing with points North, South, East, and West.

Then there are the more delicate simple crosses and crucifixes given as gifts for religious events, birthdays, or holidays. Typically these are in gold or silver.  I remember getting a silver cross for my 16th birthday as my first real piece of jewelry.  Tiny gold, silver, or steel crosses are also available as an ear piercing option.  The gift options also include crosses embellished with birthstones for birthdays or diamonds for anniversary gifts.  These faceted stone crosses are most prevalent in necklaces but are also available as earrings, bracelets, and anklets depending on where you shop.  Multi-color stone jewelry is now in fashion so crosses with more than one color on them are available on many shopping channels.

Cross, crucifix, and fish jewelry originally started as a symbol of Christian faith. Cross jewelry has a long history of design and symbolism.  Embellished and various types of crosses were usually worn by officials of the Church or royalty.  Other citizens might have a plain or craved cross made of metal, stone, shell, or wood.  Now anyone can proudly wear their cross as a symbol of their faith or as a fashion statement reflecting their personal style.  Other religious jewelry includes Catholic saint medals and rosaries, as well as Jewish stars and symbols.

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