Freedom of Religion, NOT From

I admit it bugs me that people mistakenly think that the constitution says freedom FROM religion.  It does not!  That is a term developed by an outspoken minority organization of atheists rather than what the founding fathers of the United States meant.  What it actually says in the First Amendment is "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment OF religion, OR prohibiting the free exercise thereOF…"

So, why is it that Christians (which is in the 75% majority of American religious affiliations per 2014 Gallup Poll) are being told they cannot pray or share their beliefs?  Is that not prohibiting religion?  Yet it is okay for other religions to pray, practice, and try to convert others?  Why are Christians prohibited but others are not?   Are we now censoring the Bible?  What does this mean for group worship?  Are Christian churches now in danger too?  

When did religious tolerance get redefined as anti-Christian?  The USA is a democracy, so why does the Christian majority allow itself to be bullied by other religious or non-religious minorities?  Maybe it has something to do with government officials not understanding the vocabulary themselves and just accepting the louder minority-talk as correct?  Watch the video below and let me know what you think in comments to this post.  If you want to hear part of the JFK speech that was distorted in Obama speech, go to (understand that Catholic and Protestant are both Christian, even though the USA majority population were Protestant at the time.)

Want to explore this topic more? Check out upcoming post on Separation ofChurch and State plus you may want to read The God Bless Girl story about these issues and more facing the USA today.  Can we reverse this political abuse by going to church and voting the right way?

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