Put On the Full Armor of God

In the Bible Study Have You Got MUSTARD, it is more than just building individual faith or small study group faith.  Those are the main points of the teaching, but I noted something else after seeing the meaning of the acronym.  There was also another message within it:  God is building an army of earthly soldiers to fight spiritual warfare along with his angels - so greater faith is necessary.   In recent months, I have also seen presentations where the Armor of God was shown using current soldier accouterments or police officers in riot gear.   With these things and the recent church shooting in mind, I found the below infographic showing the Roman soldier wearing the full Armor of God from Ephesians6:10-18.

If you desire a poster, pamphlet, or PowerPoint based on the original armor theme in below Armor of God infographic, Amazon has many options including stickers and the laminated wall chart from the publisher of below infographic.

In the past, I posted a link to a list of spiritual warfare songs for Christian soldiers. The song
I Am A Soldier” (available on Amazon) was not included in that list, so I offer it for listening via Tribute on YouTube.

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