God’s People Parade – Onward Christian Soldiers

Every time I hear the song “We are the People of God” (click for song video, or click to order CD, or click to read lyrics) by Carman, in my mind’s eye I see a parade of God’s people.  The parade consists of several Christian youth groups dressed in camouflage outfits doing a choreographed dance/march with this song.  Each youth group has a banner, a Christian flag, or the American flag that they waive during the “raising up banners” portion of the song.  Between groups of the marching youth are floats or decorated trucks/busses from local Christian churches showing the name of the church, so people know where they can go to learn more about Jesus.  

After listening to the song the other day, I wondered how many other Christian battle songs there might be.  I did an internet search and found this list of Spiritual Warfare Songs.  I found it interesting they left out “Onward Christian Soldiers”  (click for song video by Gathers, or click to order CD of Salvation Army Band and Choir, or click to read lyrics), which was a big hymn when I was growing up.  I would include it in a parade too.  Although some might say that it is too much of a crusade song.  I would have to say that it was written long after that part of European history (see History videos).  The Catholic crusades were not from the USA!  That happened well before the birth of this country, so we cannot be blamed for it, feel guilty over it, nor should an outsider choose to misinterpret what happened as an act of true Christianity (see Christianity Today article.)  The crusades were far different from current missionary work through American churches and organizations. 

Some people in the USA might say that Christians should not have a parade such as I envision because others might find it offensive. To those I would have to ask “Why not? Are we less allowed to practice free speech or our freedom of religion than others just because we belief in Christ?”

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