Is the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare Working?

The current Affordable Care Act (insurance program) which was meant to reform healthcare causes more red tape and increases the cost to healthcare overall. Americans were told the purpose of this healthcare reform was to bring down prices and keep people healthy.

Rather than try to determine how to bring down the cost of healthcare, the government inflicted Obamacare on both the citizens and the healthcare providers.  Instead of the government doing any monitoring, they allowed insurance companies to bid on the job of monitor and get more dollars by getting new customers via the “Marketplace.”  How is this affliction? 

This affliction is a new financial burden.  The healthcare providers have to do more administrative things and purchase non-health related technology to meet the requirements to process billing.  This requires cost in both time and money, so of course on the business-end they have to try to gain that money back through increasing prices.  As far as the citizens (new insurance customers) are concerned, they now have to pay for insurance they could not afford before in order to not be penalized at tax time. This is required regardless of whether they are healthy or not and whether they have children to cover or not.  If an individual or the small company they work for could not pay for insurance before, how is being forced to buy it beneficial?

This program is really not working for those with the lowest incomes!  Check out this story and video to see that poverty remains high and millions more DO NOT have health coverage.  America just cannot afford to keep Obamacare.  Still not convinced?

In his book Reviving America, Steve Forbes recommends repealing Obamacare and doing the following:
  • Require healthcare providers (doctor’s offices, clinics, & hospitals) to post their prices for all procedures and services so patients know what they will be charged and cam check the competition for best prices.
  •  Create a national (across state lines) market for insurance so consumers can shop around for coverage.
  • Allow both individuals and companies to receive tax deductions for purchasing health insurance.
  • Remove the costly coverage mandates of Obamacare.
  • Encourage Health Savings Accounts (HSA) by making them like IRAs.
  • Let states decide how Medicare should work for their residents by making the funds a grant to them rather than keeping money at federal levels.

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