How to Repair or Make a Stretch Bracelet

Oh no!  Your favorite stretch bracelet just broke.  What can you do?  If you saved the beads, you can repair the bracelet.  How?  Follow the same steps as you would to make a totally new bracelet.  The steps for making a stretch bracelet are in the video below. 

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You will need Stretch Magic cord, Opelon floss or elastic thread to string the beads on and scissors to cut it.  You can get most of these cording choices and the big-eye needle (to make stringing easier) at your local fabric or craft store.  I recommend using a smaller cord and putting it thru the beads twice.  That way if one cord breaks your bracelet remains intact.  The glue mentioned in the video is optional according to cord packages, but it is a good idea if you are always catching your bracelets on things in order to keep the knot secure.  If you plan to make lots of bracelets and/or necklaces, then you may also want to invest in the bead stopper or a bead board/tray so you can layout the beads in the order and size you want before you begin stringing it. Having a layout prevents getting the beads out of order and having to remove them and then restring.

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Ellen Franks said...

My bracelet broke and I just watched your video to learn how to fix it. I liked all of your helpful hints i.e. the length of the bracelet, the bead reamer, the G-S Hypo Cement, and how to use the crimper to tie off the elastic. All very helpful. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work and thank you for the very useful tips.

allisondbl said...

Just wanted to let you know your post was still being watched and used: THANK YOU, EXCELLENT WORK! aLLEY