September Sapphire – More Than Blue

I’ve done a post for the standard birthstone of each month as well as a
birthstone chart. This post will complete the top 12 with the month of September birthstone, the sapphire.  Sapphires are from the corundum family (sister stone in red is Ruby).  When shopping for birthstones or because you want a natural sapphire, you will find that most stores offer the standard shades of navy blue or midnight blue stones, which is easily found in many countries.    The most sought after shades of blue are the electric or cobalt colors known as Cashmere/Kashmir and Ceylon.  These are harder to find, although most simulant or lab grown varieties will be close to these colors.

If dark blue is not your favorite color and you were born in September, you do not have to forget about getting your birthstone Sapphires do come in many colors besides blue.  Other colors besides blue are considered “fancy,” therefore they will cost more and are harder to find in standard jewelry or department stores.  Search home shopping channels and the internet for “fancy sapphires” or enter the color desired plus the word sapphire (examples: “yellow sapphire”, “orange sapphire”, “pink sapphire”) to find the color you want. 

If you like phenomena stones (ones that have a special display), consider the star sapphire.  If you want the illusion of color change, consider Iolite.  Iolite is not corundum – it is cordierite.  However it is said to be an acceptable alternative because it has been mistaken for sapphire in the past and it carries the nickname “water sapphire.”  Iolite is typically a purplish-blue. Another stone option that might pass for a Kashmir sapphire could be the beautiful blue Kyanite.

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