Faith Small As A Mustard Seed - Have You Got Mustard revised

I am announcing Have You Got Mustard?  A  Bible Study Guide for Growing Faith release as Kindle ebook today.  I have updated my prior post, Introducing Have You Got Mustard? A Study Guide for Growing Faith to have the new links.  You can go to that post to read a short description of the book and its intended audiences. You can also go to book webpage to buy the ebook and get free stuff to go with the study guide such as worksheets for daily devotional or slides for group Bible study.

The foundation of the guide builds upon the 5 Bible verses for building faith

If you want to help us promote this release.  Below are a few ideas.

If  you have a blog, feel free to copy/paste text from the prior post or this one to post to your own blog.  There is also a press release on this webpage above that you can copy/paste from to blogs, however you will need to update the press release links , as they point to the older

If you want to help promote the book on social sites.  Consider tweeting about the revised M-U-S-T-A-R-D book, below are some quotes from it and hashtags you may use.  Or scroll past the tweets to find a Facebook challenge you may choose to share.
If you want to participate in our share challenge for the scriptures slides that go with the study guide.  Enter the following on Facebook.  Or you can click the social icons on the slide show to create a custom FB update or send the challenge via twitter.

SHARE CHALLENGE‬ - Have You Got Mustard? slideshow for faith growth has over 5K views. Christians share this link and let’s get 5,000 more this week!

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