Endless Strand of Pearls for a Variety of Stylish Looks

I love an extra-long endless (no clasp) strand of pearls that is longer than standard pearl lengths.  There is so much you can do with it to get a variety of looks. Below is a less than 2-minute video showing 14 ways to wear a 60-inch pearl strand with or without a pearl shortner (used to create choker or torsade styles).  If you do not have a shortner, you can tie a pretty ribbon at back to serve the clasp function.  For another look, consider making a 2-3 row look with a long row for a frame and putting a pearl enhancer on the shortest row.  Or you can make multiple rows and put a brooch across one of the rows on the side or in front as your pendant.  Be sure to put the enhance or pin between pearls over a knot to prevent damaging a pearl.

For more cute ideas using brooches or ribbon, see 21-ways Stylish Petite photo post.   If you have a 100-inch pearl strand and want more ideas, see the 9-minute Java and Jewelry video demonstration with a 90-inch pearl strand.  The two hosts show a interesting crochet-type looping about 6-minutes in and a fashionable braiding/scarf option a little later in the J&J video.

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