Not shy about pearl enhancers

Some pearl strands are enhanced by the designer/manufacturer.  These enhancements are more than color/shape/type or rope length as talked about in other posts.  They are typically embellishments hanging from the front of the pearls or some designers use fancier clasps that can be worn in the front of pearls if desired.  If you are not fashion shy and you have plain pearls you want to dress up for special occasions, how can you do this?  You purchase pearl enhancers that can be added to pearls, chains, or other beads as you desire.  

What are enhancers?  The original enhancers have a hinged bale so you can clip them over the pearls rather than slide them on.  Do not confuse these with the latched shortener clasps which are used to make twisted bead sets or a torsade from multiple strands.  Nor confuse it with the new enhancer clasps that open so you can slide a regular pendant onto the clasp rather than over pearls.  Some sites call their large baled items enhancers because you can slide them over large beads or chains.  However, if the bale does not open, so it is not a truly an enhancer but instead a pendant.  However it could still look good on your pearls if you do not cringe at the thought of something sliding over your pearls. Below is a video showing how an enhancer works to go on pearls.

After watching the video, you now ask, “Where do you find an enhancer?”  Sometimes they come in a set with pearls but most often you have to buy them separately.   If you are buying at a store, ask a sales clerk to show you their enhancers.  Then you can see the difference in a pendant verses the enhancer before you make a purchase.  If buying on the internet from a site you do not already know and trust, look for a demo video or a photo view that shows it opening up before placing your order.  On-line you can search shopping sites like JTV for the word enhancer or QVC with an interchangeable enhancer.

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