Pearl cleaning and storage

As I researched other items for the pearl post series, how to care for pearls also kept popping up.  So I thought I would create post of the best tips I found.  Below are the 4 main tips to remember.  See more about the how, when, where, or why in the links list I offer after the tips to get good details.

Pearl kept in pouch.
1. Always follow RULE:  Put your peals on last (after clothes, perfumes, and makeup to prevent damage) and take them off first (so they don’t get stress or residue).
2. Clean your pearls after wearing with a soft lint-free cloth to remove skin oils and sweat before putting them away.  WARNING:  Do not use sonic cleaners or standard jewelry cleaning solutions!
3. Store your pearls flat and separately from other jewelry.  You should use the original packaging, silk jewelry pouches, a soft cloth wrap, or shop for breathable velvet bags to keep each set from getting scratched by other items.  WARNING:  Do not keep in plastic bags or airtight containers!
4.  For often worn or heirloom pearls, consider professional restringing with proper knotting before they break.

Here is a list of links.  Please note that some may be repetitive and I have no control over whether or not they stay on-line.  A few have interesting facts and history.  Others have hints for various jewelry pieces, such as rings or earrings.

For those who love the videos, I found a video on the channel for How to Clean and Care for Pearls by Silverscape Designs, see it at   

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