Interchangeable Jewelry Affordably Stretches Your Fashionista Wardrobe

Those of us with our own flair for style often like to try out the new fashions yet we have favorite items we wear often, even when they are no longer the “in” item.  Did you know you can jazz up and old outfit and give it a new lift just by switching out the jewelry and accessories you wear with it?  Try it and see how you can revitalize an old outfit in a new way!  Below are 3 ways you can stretch your jewelry wardrobe by using interchangeable items to always look in fashion.

3-in-1 Interchangeable Necklace
First, have you seen the new 3-in-1 style necklaces?  They are an ingenious creation from artisans in Bali that uses a senora style clasp, which is an extra-large spring ring clasp, on beads.  The clasp can be worn in back for a traditional beaded necklace look or it can be worn in front with any pendant hanging from it.  The pendant must have a large enough bail or a pearl enhancer bale to go on the clasp.  Why do we call it 3-in-1?  Many of the necklaces come with a matching pendant that can be taken off and worn separately on a chain or cord.  That is 3 looks with 1 necklace purchase.  Talk about a great deal!  Of course you can get a 4th look by putting the pendant on a much longer chain or small beads and then layering with the matching beads.  Similar necklaces may be found on jewelry sites like JTV with silver for under $100 or LC with stainless steel for under $25 when they are doing Artisan-crafted days.

Did you know interchangeable earring and ring sets are also a great way to stretch your fashion wardrobe through jewelry?  This not only stretches your jewelry options, it is usually very affordable.  These types of sets may come with a few large stones that may be exchanged using a locket, latched frame, or screw-on device.  For earrings, sets may be a hoop that has different charms that can be slid off-and-on to create different looks to match various outfits or it could be studs with jackets. If the hoop appears sturdy, do not be afraid to put on multiple charms for even more looks.  If the hoop large but not too thick, you can even slide on beads to spate the charms for a semi-chandelier look.  You can check out rings at Amazon and JTV.  Find earrings options at Amazon, JTV, O, or ShopHQ.

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