Memorable Valentine Gifts: Candy, Flowers, or Jewelry

Heart-shape Box of Valentine Candy
Are you planning to buy candy or flowers for a valentine this year?   Yes, that is nice… but it does not last more than a week.  Would your valentine prefer a more memorable gift?  Try jewelry instead!  You can buy jewelry in flower designs so they have a bouquet that lasts forever.  You can go with the traditional heart motif jewelry for your valentine. You can even buy jewelry that looks like a Hershey Kiss candy. 

For your valentine, make the gift even more memorable by putting it in a nice box she can use to store it in.  If the jewelry store or on-line shopping site did not provide a storage box, buy an inexpensive travel jewelry box or cute trinket box.  Then place the piece of jewelry in an appropriately sized slot.  This way she gets two gifts in one!

If you really want to give candy too, make it the jewelry wrapper.  Do so by opening the box and removing a candy.  Then place a ring or pendant in the empty slot. She will be pleased, he will be surprised.

If you want to give flowers as well, try a single red rose or a potted version of the valentine’s favorite flower.  For the single rose, slide a ring over the stem past a leaf section and secure it with a rubber band, ribbon, or wire twist-tie.  Or give a “dozen roses” in the form of a bracelet or brooch, similar versions of which can be found in some department or drug stores around Valentine’s Day.  Wrap the pin or bracelet onto the single stem rose with a ribbon or rubber band.  If giving a necklace, it can be draped around the flowers to hang down in front of the pot.  The trick here is to make a memorable moment that lasts a lifetime instead of only a week.

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