White Christmas – Merry and Bright?

Lighted Christmas Tree
I have been looking through December issues of many magazines. I noticed many of the decorated houses had a white theme.  Flocked trees with white and silver or clear ornaments seem to dominate the pages.  One tree was so white it would have completed blended into the white living room walls if now for a little bit of non-flocked branch here and there.  It seems more ghostly than Christmassy to me.

When I think of Christmas, I think red, green, and gold colors.  The bright colors are part of what makes the season so cheery.  I start with a green tree and add lots of lights with more color balls and sparkly tinsel garland as I go round it.  I do artificial trees as they are less trouble and require no clean-up.  However, I remember decorating live-cut evergreen trees with balls, bells and silver tinsel icicles as a child.

I remember one year we had an aluminum tree as my Mom thought my uncles the year before was so pretty.  My uncle had one of those light wheels that changed the colors of the tree from gold to green to red to blue.  We did not have the light, so my Mom decided our tree was not so nifty and that it was too small for all her decorations anyway.  The aluminum tree spent the rest of its days in the shed, until my parents moved many years later.

When I think “white Christmas,” I think snow outdoors not flocking inside.  There is such a large selection of colored and theme ornaments out there now.  What colors do you prefer for your Christmas?   Got any special memories you would like to share?  Let me know in the comments.

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