Seven Tips to Refresh and Refocus Your Time Management

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During this time of year, we all feel rushed.  We complain there is not enough time to get everything done.  Does everything need to get done or a few things?  Below are 7 tips to help with managing time without stressing out over all the stuff that “needs” to get one.  Check out the tips that will help you to refresh or refocus.
  1. Consider what your peak work time is and plan important projects during that time. This insures you are giving your key items your best effort and can result in your most creative work.
  2. If you are working on a deadline project that requires lots of time and concentration, do not   forget to take a 5-8 minute relaxation break every 1-3 hours.  The break can be to get up and move or just close your eyes and listen to some music.  This will help refresh you and renew your energy before returning to the main project.
  3. Use low energy time to do mundane tasks that must get done – like laundry or washing dishes.  Jobs that are routine require little mind power, so let your mind wander and your body relax while you get the work done.
  4. Do not over plan your day.  Instead of having a long to do list, concentrate on a few items that should get done to move along your goals or meet deadlines.  Set priorities and work on the top two things first, then 2 more, and so on until you get the top priorities done of at least moved to the next stage.
  5. Plan to reward yourself when you complete an unpleasant task so the task will seem to go quickly.  The reward can be as simple as calling or emailing a friend to catch up or as elaborate as taking steps towards planning a trip or party.
  6. Get organized!  Yes, it takes time to create an organization system and to clean up a workspace.   You will find that planning the change does not take much time and once it is completed you will save a lot of time in the future because you reduce time spent searching through stuff to get what you need when you need it.
  7. Do not procrastinate!  It is a bigger waste of time than just doing it!  You waste time doing stuff that could go without being done in order to avoid work that seems unpleasant.  Instead jump in and get it over with – you will feel much better when it is done and there will be no guilt about letting things slide.

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