Miniature Wire Christmas Tree as an Earring Holder

In Christmas past, I provided organizing tips for using a tabletop Christmas tree (in video and text posts) or gum drop tree for displaying your jewelry.  You can usually get these at a discount after Christmas and they make a unique and practical-use holiday decoration.  Since I got my ears pierced this year, I had another idea when putting up my miniature ornament tree that I will share below. 

Wire Tree w Earring Branch Blow-up

I am working on collecting different types of Christmas trees so I can put a tree in every room.  A few years ago, I bought a tiny wire tree that is used to hold miniature ornaments like those you find in the Christmas decorations at drugstores.  Over the years, I have bought different mini ornaments to put on the tree depending on the room I am putting it in.  Such as little wooden toys or cartoon characters for kid’s room and more traditional items for the guest room.  This year, I put a slightly bigger tree in the guest room so I put the wire tree in my bathroom.  I had not got out the ornaments yet and was thinking about what I might want to put on it when I thought that maybe it would be cute to hang something more glittery from the tree. 
I hung wire-type earrings from the tree and it looked very sparkly as the earrings swung from the tips of each downward slanted branch.  If I want to hang more earrings from the tree, I can lightly pull upward on the branches to make them straight so multiple earrings hang in a row across the branch rather than on the tips.  If you have a large collection of rings, you can hang rings instead of earrings on the branches. 

Let me know your ideas for a holiday jewelry tree in the comments.  If you have a photo of it on Pinterest, please include a link in the comment so my readers and I can check it out.  Thanks! 
BTW, my Pinterest board of Christmas ideas is under MeetingWizard account.

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