Shopping for the Hottest Techno Gifts?

For the early shoppers, I covered budget-friendly gifts for the gals: diamonds, gold, pearls, bracelets, and more.  This month, I thought I should touch upon a few ideas for the guys on my reader’s shopping lists.  Most guys I know love gadgets and gizmos.  So I thought I would provide some links to great technical gift options to buy or what you might want to avoid irregardless of current hype.  If you order on-line soon they should arrive in time for Christmas.  Otherwise you will have to fight the crowds at local electronic stores.
If you want to give a business book to professional men you know, consider the options presented in the various links form 2bproductive’s post Buying Business Books as Recognition Gifts.

If you are looking for affordable non-techie stocking stuffers, consider Hot Hands or Toasti Toes for guys who like to fish or hunt.  They may help prevent frost bite.  Plus it is much easier to give these than to try to select the correct lure for the type fish he prefers to catch or knowing his gun type/size in order to buy bullets.  

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