Extending your holiday pearl gift dollars

Pearl Necklace, Bracalet
and Earring Set with Bag
In my last post, I shared a way to save some money on teen jewelry gifts for the holiday.  This time I want to share a simple idea for adult women, whether the gift will be for a sister, cousin, aunt, friend, or teacher – they all will love this idea.   It is the gift of real pearls.  If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know so many of us women are really pearl girls.  The focus of this gift giving idea is an extension of the idea presented in previous post. 

On JTV they sell a set of small (5-6mm) freshwater pearl strands in 6 colors that are the perfect starter size.  They also sell matching sets of 6-7mm stretch bracelets and 8-9 mm earring studs.  Currently you cold buy all 3 sets for $100 (not including shipping).  Then divide the 3 sets into 6 different colored sets.  You now have 6 different gifts most females of any age would appreciate.  And it only cost you about $17 per gift.  If you did the splitting, since the gift was not too expensive be sure to go to the dollar store to buy jewelry gift boxes, tiny paper or fabric gift bags, or better yet make cloth jewelry pouches to put each gift set in.  Add a gift tag and you are done!  Or, you can let JTV put sets together for you at about $30 each – at the time of this post they had 7 different colors with various pearl sizes at that price and even options above that price. 

If you have someone special on your Christmas list who is a real pearl lover, you could consider giving them one of the sets above or the interchangeable potato-style pearl on a silver chain with the new green color for a little more money as a gift.  You can also purchase with the matching dangle earring set for under $100 total.  Or if you want these for yourself, as a hint you might want to pull up the links and accidentally leave them on the computer for your significant other to find.  If you want all the sets above for yourself, then get creative with hints or other spending ideas. 

JTV did not leave out the younger females either when it came to pearl selections.  I pointed out how teens to twenties love bangles in previous post.  JTV offers a colorful leather and freshwater pearl set of 5 bangle-like bracelets.  At the current price, this can work out to $5 per bracelet if you choose to split set into multiple gifts.

Finally, if the ladies you are giving pearls to are familiar with the famous Honora brand, you might want to order QVC’s pack of 4 individually boxed 8.5mm pearl studs for just over $40 (with shipping) in bright fashion or classic colors.  You can easily split these into 4 gifts of around $10 each.  These are a great option for teachers and co-workers.  Please come back for my next post on golden gifts.

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