Expand your holiday gift budget buying gold jewelry

HSN Technibond Chain Necklace
Maybe pearls or fashion bracelets are not the gift you want to give.  Instead, you want to give the look and feel of real gold as a gift.  But who can afford gold prices today!?  You could consider gold-bonded to another metal or an overlay/plated option.  You can find gold overlay in most department stores. 

For gold bonded to silver (usually has a life-time guarantee that gold will not flake or wear off), you will have to visit a shopping channel.  HSN will have Technibond all day on November 16 and JTV offers a Stratify collection.  ShopNBC offers gold-plated or vermeil.  Most have rose and yellow gold options.  In addition to women’s styles, most shopping channels also have a few chains and rings for men.  Before you buy, you may want to check the reviews on the item you are considering, especially if it contains gemstones.

If you want other jewelry options or desire full gold pieces (or perhaps silver pieces), you can check the shopping channel websites above by searching jewelry for the desired metal.  I suggest looking in the clearance section as well as that could save you some money.  Some shopping channels are putting real gold on clearance because they can not afford to stock items containing it anymore.  Or you might also check out the Liquidation Channel.  This channel has some interesting stainless steel designs that teen boys and girls may like. Wherever you shop, you need to order soon so you can get it and look at it before you wrap it.  Most shopping channels are offering extended returns from now until January 31.  All offering shipping direct to gift recipient and most also will gift wrap for a small fee.

If you do not have time to watch the shopping channels and find perusing their website tedious, then you may want to follow the Home Shoppingista Blog where Linda Moss lets you now what was hot or cool on 1 of 3 shopping channels each day, as well as sharing some gossip about hosts and vendors.   Come back to this blog in a few days for diamonds.

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