3-D Celebrate Lights Show is Church Christmas Display

I saw this news story about a Texas church being used as a projection screen for a Christmas lights display and thought it would be really cool to see live.  This is most definitely not your traditional dancing lights that you can find at many houses at this time of year.  I found the 6-minute video of the show, so you can watch it here – be sure to turn the volume all the way up if you want to see the music that goes with the show.  If you are in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area for the holidays, you should drive to Southlake and check it out.  If you watch the video and doubt that it could be awesome, then check out the video from the news story where the little girl gets so excited at all the changes.  She is so adorable too!

When I first saw the story, I thought the church should have used the money for charitable purposes.  However as the story progressed I heard the show was not put on by the church (other than electricity costs maybe), instead it was sponsored by a member who sells the equipment.  So I suppose the church will  use other funds to help those in need for the holidays.  The display is a nice thing for the community and it may attract new visitors to the church as well - so good cheer goes to the sponsor whose name was not provided.

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