Office Supplies in Your Work Space

Office Supplies
If you want to keep you work space organized, don’t have too many supplies lying around.  Keep only the supplies you regularly use in your immediate the work area.  Supplies that are only needed occasionally should be stored elsewhere or borrowed when needed.  Things like paper cutters, whole punches, copiers, fax, and others items are often not used on a daily basis and should be in a place where everyone that needs them can utilize them.

Stocking Supplies
You may want to be sure to keep plenty of your often-used supplies on hand to save having to order often or going to the supply store.  Keep a master list of the supplies you use often so you can tell when to restock.   When an item gets low mark it on your list, that way on next supply run can pick-up everything necessary at once or place a single order before running out of supplies.  Also, plan when seldom-used items are necessary as well in order to include them on an order or buying trip.   Only buy what is currently useful within the next few weeks.  Resist buying something that may be used but currently does not have a purpose.  Buying unnecessary items only robs you of storage space and eventually has to be part of a purging operation. 

Storing Supplies
If you are using drawers or cabinets to store supplies, label them with what is in each so you do not have to open each one when looking for items.  When deciding where to place furniture used for storage, be sure to allow enough space to fully open drawers and doors.  If you do not have drawers, you may want to consider bins or shelves for storing supplies.

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